Thursday, 6 November 2008

The Ducks and the Turtle (Narrative)

Two ducks who lived in a big lake had a friend who was a turtle. One year there was a very little rain and the lake began to dry up. One of the ducks said to the other, “Soon, there’ll be no water in this lake. Let’s go and look for lake.”
“Yes, answered the second duck, “But first let’s say good bye to our friend, the turtle.”
When they told the turtle they were going to leave, he said, “I’ll die here without any water and without any friends. Take me with you.”
“The ducks answered, “We can’t. We are going to fly, and you have no wings.”
“The turtle thought for a minute and then said, “please wait here.”
Then he went away and found a strong, straight stick. He brought it back to his friends, put the middle of it in his mouth and said, “Now if each of you takes me one end of the stick in his mouth, you can lift me up and carry me with you.”
“ Their is one danger,” said the ducks, “if you try to talk while we’re carrying you through the air, you won’t be able to hold the stick, so you’ll fall down along way and break your shell.”
“all right,” answered the turtle, “I promise not to talk while we’re in the air. So the ducks took the stick and flew away, with the turtle between them. All went well until they were flying over a town. Then some people saw them and shouted, “Look, those ducks are carrying a cat!”The turtle got very angry, “A cat? I’m not …” he said, but he did not get any further, because when he opened his mouth, the stick came out of his mouth and the poor turtle fell to the ground.


nurul fauziyah said...

it's so great story. I like it...
may I take your posting?
because I need it for my paper...
thanks before :-)

tri rahmandani said...

good posting.. I want to see your next narative text post.