Friday, 7 November 2008

The Day When Everything Went Wrong (recount)

I am so glad that today is over. So many things have gone wrong!
For some reason I did not sleep a wink last night. I was very tired when Mum called me this morning. I fell asleep again until Mum called me again. That snooze made me late.
I did not have time for breakfast. I was starving as I ran to catch the school bus. I just missed it. Mum had to drive me to school. She was late for an important meeting and she was furious with me. She scolded me for being late.
I got to school on time. The teacher asked us to hand in our essays. My essays was not in my bag. I had forgotten to put it in my bag the night before. I usually check my bag in the morning. I did not do this because I was late. I had to write an extra essay as a punishment.
After the PE lesson I did not tie my shoelace properly. I tripped over it and fell down the stairs. I hurt my knee and had to have a bandage on it.What a terrible day! I hope that I have a much better one tomorrow.

taken from: Ganecabook

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