Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Jakarta City (Descriptive Text)

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. It is centrally located within the country on the northwest coast of Java Island at the mouth of the Ciliwung river. Jakarta dominates Indonesian’s administrative, economy, cultural activities, an is a major commercial and transportation hub within Asia-with a population of about 9 million, Jakarta has more people than any other cities in Indonesia.

The climate is hot and humid year-round. Rainfall occurs throughout the year, although it is the heaviest from November to May. To average annual precipitation in Jakarta is 1, 790 mm. The city lies on a flat, low plain and is prone to flooding during periods of heavy rainfall.

Kota is city’s oldest commercial area. It is located south of the old Sunda Kelapa harbour. Glodok, the south of Kota is a banking, retail and residential neighborhood with a large Chinese population. Merdeka Square with Monas (The National Monument) dominates the city’s central district. Surrounding the square are Istana Merdeka, the presidential palace, the National Museum, and the Istiqlal Mosque.

Adapted from: Microsoft Encarta

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Sunday, 9 November 2008


The class is studying astronomy. The teacher points to a photograph, and says, "Does anyone know what this is? It's a comet."
" A What?"
"A comet, Eddy. Don't you know what a comet is?"
Don't you know what they call a star with a tail?"
"Sure, Mickey Mouse!"

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My Bedroom (Descriptive text)

My bedroom is at the back part of the house. It is only three meters long and two and half meters wide. Both the door and the small window face a narrow corridor. there is a bed across from the door. A table and an old chair stand near the window. On the wall above the table a ten-Watt tube lamp lights the room and functions as a reading lamp as well. In the corner near the table there is a small cupboard where I put my clothes and some of my books, especially the old ones. Although the room is not large, I live comfortably in it.

taken from: English a new concept in learning English

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Friday, 7 November 2008

The Day When Everything Went Wrong (recount)

I am so glad that today is over. So many things have gone wrong!
For some reason I did not sleep a wink last night. I was very tired when Mum called me this morning. I fell asleep again until Mum called me again. That snooze made me late.
I did not have time for breakfast. I was starving as I ran to catch the school bus. I just missed it. Mum had to drive me to school. She was late for an important meeting and she was furious with me. She scolded me for being late.
I got to school on time. The teacher asked us to hand in our essays. My essays was not in my bag. I had forgotten to put it in my bag the night before. I usually check my bag in the morning. I did not do this because I was late. I had to write an extra essay as a punishment.
After the PE lesson I did not tie my shoelace properly. I tripped over it and fell down the stairs. I hurt my knee and had to have a bandage on it.What a terrible day! I hope that I have a much better one tomorrow.

taken from: Ganecabook

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An Unlucky Day (Recount)

One morning I got up with the feeling that the day was going to be an unlucky one for me. How right it was! Found that it was already 06:15 a.m.
I rushed into the bathroom. I did not see a piece of soap lying on the floor. I stepped on it and slipped, almost breaking my back in the process.
Then, I went into the dining room for my breakfast. I gulped down the tea without realizing that it was very hot. It burnt my tongue. I spat it out and could not eat anything because my tongue hurt. I got dressed and rushed to the bus stop.
Unfortunately, I just missed the bus. My heart sank and I knew that I would be late for school. When I reached school, my name was taken down by the teacher. The teacher scolded me for being late. To my humiliation, I was made to stand outside the class. I was so upset by the incidents that I could not study properly. But worse was to come.
After school, I was on my way home when something hard hit me on the head. Someone had thrown a bag of fish bones out of the window and it landed on me! I was boiling with rage but could do nothing.
However, luckily for me, this only raised a small lump on my head.I managed to reached home safe and sound, and did not dare to go out again for the rest of day.

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Thursday, 6 November 2008

The Ducks and the Turtle (Narrative)

Two ducks who lived in a big lake had a friend who was a turtle. One year there was a very little rain and the lake began to dry up. One of the ducks said to the other, “Soon, there’ll be no water in this lake. Let’s go and look for lake.”
“Yes, answered the second duck, “But first let’s say good bye to our friend, the turtle.”
When they told the turtle they were going to leave, he said, “I’ll die here without any water and without any friends. Take me with you.”
“The ducks answered, “We can’t. We are going to fly, and you have no wings.”
“The turtle thought for a minute and then said, “please wait here.”
Then he went away and found a strong, straight stick. He brought it back to his friends, put the middle of it in his mouth and said, “Now if each of you takes me one end of the stick in his mouth, you can lift me up and carry me with you.”
“ Their is one danger,” said the ducks, “if you try to talk while we’re carrying you through the air, you won’t be able to hold the stick, so you’ll fall down along way and break your shell.”
“all right,” answered the turtle, “I promise not to talk while we’re in the air. So the ducks took the stick and flew away, with the turtle between them. All went well until they were flying over a town. Then some people saw them and shouted, “Look, those ducks are carrying a cat!”The turtle got very angry, “A cat? I’m not …” he said, but he did not get any further, because when he opened his mouth, the stick came out of his mouth and the poor turtle fell to the ground.

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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Our trip to the Blue Mountain

On friday we went to the Blue Mountains. We stayed at David and Della's house, it has a big garden with lots of colourful flowers and a tennis court.

On Saturday we saw the three sisters and went on the scenic railway. It was scary. Then Mummy and I went shopping with Della. we went to some antique shops and i tried on some old hats. On Sunday we went on the Scenic Skyway and it rocked. We saw cockatoos having a shower.

In the afternoon we went home.

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